Weddings are unique, personal, and filled with love and joy. Your wedding means everything to so many people. When planning your nuptials, look no further than The Oblique Pen to provide a creative and personalized look and image to your wedding invitations. Based in the Triangle, The Oblique Pen Calligraphy Studio specializes in crafting stunning wedding documents that will impress your guests. Artist Jessica Yee ensures that all wedding correspondence is correctly worded and finished in plenty of time for mailing.

Calligraphy is an artistic method of hand-lettering that makes any document a unique memory. Guests who see their names in calligraphy on an envelope immediately realize they’ve been invited to a very extraordinary celebration.

Wedding correspondence can involve many ingredients. Consult with the staff at The Oblique Pen to decide on the following five items:

  • Save-the-date: Make a dynamic first impression with “save-the-date” reminder cards, which inform guests about the date and location of the wedding. These can be sent several months in advance so that out-of-town guests can make travel and hotel arrangements.
  • Outer envelopes: Set an elegant tone with individually crafted outer envelopes for your invitations. Each one will have the correct formal title and address for your invited guests.
  • Inner envelopes: Inner envelopes were originally purposed to protect beautiful wedding invitations from being damaged in the mail. Today they serve to specify which members of the family are included as guests. 
  • Invitations: The Oblique Pen can provide individually lettered invitations for small weddings or create camera-ready images for custom printing in larger quantities. Both options allow you to continue the look and style that sets your wedding apart.
  • At-home cards: In an earlier era, at-home cards notified people of the new couple’s address and when they would be “at-home” to receive visitors. Today, the cards also announce a couple’s  chosen married names, so friends don’t have to guess whether the they are hyphenating last names, taking the same last name, or keeping their own last names.

Let The Oblique Pen create a seamless image for all your wedding correspondence, from that initial “save-the-date” reminder all the way to the invitations themselves. Contact the studio today to set up a consultation.


This post about calligraphy services in the Triangle NC is brought to you by The Oblique Pen in Apex NC!

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