closeup-engraving-for-webslide3Looking for a way to convey your business message with a warm sense of style?

The Oblique Pen calligraphy studio in Cary, North Carolina has the perfect solution: handwritten envelopes, notes and letters. Your letter will be the first one opened when it arrives with the client’s name and address neatly handwritten on the envelope.

Jessica Yee, calligrapher at The Oblique Pen, helped local photographer Jennifer Kidd stand out from the competition by crafting handwritten notes to prospective clients.

“Our studio often participates in bridal shows, and we often struggle with how to stand out when doing follow-ups with brides,” Jennifer says. “Jessica set us up with some beautiful and original personalized and custom-designed letters and thank you cards that definitely had our brides and partners taking notice.”

The handwritten note or letter works in the business world because it is now so rare. In the 17th and 18th centuries, schools taught young men and women handwriting skills that they would need in the business world. With no typewriters, computers or desktop printers, all correspondence was handwritten. But today, when every envelope looks just like the next, business owners need new strategies, such as those offered by The Oblique Pen. The visual impact of a handwritten envelope generates excitement and curiosity about what is inside. When you send such a unique letter, you can be sure it will be opened and read before any of the others in the stack.

There are several ways to use The Oblique Pen’s services to enhance your business correspondence. After your first contact with a potential client, follow up with a handwritten note. This simple act reinforces how much personal attention you can provide to their job. After you’ve landed the contract and completed the work, send a note thanking them for their business. This attention to detail will help them remember your services, prompt more referrals and encourage repeat business.

Visit The Oblique Pen’s website to see the artist’s portfolio or call the studio to discuss ideas for using handwritten notes to land more clients.


This post about calligraphy services in the Triangle NC is brought to you by The Oblique Pen in Apex NC!

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