Letter LThe Oblique Pen in Cary, North Carolina, applies decorative calligraphy to unlimited objects, from wedding invitations to home décor, turning ordinary objects into treasured art works that preserve special memories all across the Triangle.

Calligraphy is more than the craft of handwriting. The art and unique skill includes a huge repertoire of decorative designs that add stunning visual effects to any project, including wedding vows, thank you notes, table cards, letters and certificates.

Here are five unique ideas for decorative calligraphy from The Oblique Pen:

  • Table Place Cards: Guests at special events will be delighted to see their names in elegant script underscored with delicately detailed floral designs. The Oblique Pen’s portfolio boasts a wealth of styles to complement any event, whether business or social, formal or casual.
  • Certificates and Awards: Celebrate special achievements and milestones in school or at work with beautifully illustrated certificates. When The Oblique Pen creates the document, border art can include images specific to the award and the recipient.
  • Personalized Art: Consider a unique piece of art for a birthday or anniversary that can be framed and displayed at home. Starting with a name, monogram, or simply a single initial, artist Jessica Yee incorporates the recipient’s favorite colors and images, building an illustration that is one-of-a-kind and unique to that individual.
  • Family Trees: A family tree comes alive with detail when calligraphy is used to create the image of an actual tree, with roots and branches containing the names of ancestors and descendants. These make unforgettable wedding or anniversary gifts.
  • Wine Bottle Labels: Customize a gift of wine by adding a label with a special message and image. Wine for an anniversary party or wedding might have a label with bells or intertwined wedding rings, the couple’s wedding date and their names. Ask the Jessica Yee about using metallic inks to give the labels extra “pop.”

Contact The Oblique Pen with questions about how the decorative elements of calligraphy can be used with any project for home or business.


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