brush-lettered-name-cardSometimes it isn’t what you write; it’s how you write it. The craft of calligraphy turns routine written projects into stunning visual keepsakes. Calligrapher Jessica Yee works this magic at The Oblique Pen in Cary, North Carolina.

What exactly is calligraphy? It is a blend of artistry and expertise that makes everything special. It is a method of hand-lettering that uses art techniques and tools to give written words a distinctive decorative appearance. Calligraphy adds an elegant presentation to certificates, wine bottles, glasses, wedding invitations, diplomas, greeting cards, birth announcements, place cards, menus and even Easter Eggs. The beautiful documents and permanent memories created by The Oblique Pen become mementos that are framed, set on fireplaces, or lovingly placed in memory books.

To understand more about calligraphy, it helps to know some of its terms:

  • Strokes: These are the lines that form each letter. Calligraphers can vary the width and color saturation of individual strokes. The Oblique Pen’s portfolio shows the wealth of choices, from bold purple brush strokes to delicate cursive handwriting.
  • Nibs: A nib is the point of a writing tool.  Old-fashioned fountain pens often came with interchangeable tips, or nibs. Jessica Yee’s calligraphy pens provide her with tremendous freedom to create custom designs.    
  • Quills, reeds: In addition to pens and brushes, calligraphers may use writing tools make from feathers (quills) or plant stems (reeds).
  • Angle: Calligraphy is distinguished by the slanted character of the letters, usually a 45-degree slant from vertical.  The name of the studio, The Oblique Pen, emphasizes the “oblique” (not straight up and down) nature of calligraphy.
  • Width: Pencils and ballpoint pens create letters of uniform thickness or width. In calligraphy, letters often appear thicker through the middle of the stroke and thinner at the ends.
  • Embellishment: This is the extra decoration added to letters. A girl’s “Sweet 16” birthday party invitations probably will get more curlicues and flourishes than a baby boy’s birth announcement. The Oblique Pen’s artist always meets with clients to determine the amount of decoration suitable to the project.

Now that you know more about calligraphy, see how The Oblique Pen can turn your words into something memorable through this merging of art and language.


This post about calligraphy services in the Triangle NC is brought to you by The Oblique Pen in Apex NC!

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