IMG-10015lrClients throughout the Triangle region trust important keepsakes and momentous documents, such as wedding invitations and birth announcements, to The Oblique Pen Calligraphy Studio in Cary. Memories can be made permanent and uniquely special through the art of calligraphy. Not sure what calligraphy, glass etching and gilding can do for a special project?

Visit our brand new website to see examples of Jessica Yee’s work and learn about resources, fees and distinctive projects. Explore our studio’s website to gain a quick understanding of what calligraphy is and how it adds elegance, style and impact to any occasion.

Here are just six ideas and resources just a click away:

  • Imagine the possibilities: From etched glass to elegant menus, see the range of ways calligraphy is used today. Some of the most popular items are personalized note cards, custom envelopes, monogrammed stationery, wedding and invitation stationery, calligraphic marriage certificates, awards, and custom business stationery.
  • About the studio: Learn about calligrapher Jessica Yee’s background and commitment to bringing calligraphic artistry to every project. She tells about her years of experience and how she her repertoire of skills continues to expand.
  • Portfolio: See examples of the Oblique Pen finished products on the portfolio page. Notice how the professional lettering serves to personalize each item. These samples also show how borders and illustrations add beauty to the finished document.
  • Resources: Those who want to explore calligraphy in more depth will find a list of websites and sources for supplies on the resources This page also links to the monthly blog posts from the Oblique Pen.
  • Fees: Want to create a rough estimate of some common projects? The investment page provides a price list for addressing inner and outer envelopes, place cards and table numbers.
  • Classes: From time to time, Jessica will offer calligraphy classes to share her knowledge with others. Check the class page for details where and when the next courses will be offered.

Based in North Carolina’s Triangle area, The Oblique Pen is conveniently close to residents in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. Visit online or call the studio today to start imagining how calligraphy can create something magical for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or more.


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