Commissions with Jessica Yee

What is a commission?

When an individual or business wishes to create one of kind pieces, they hire or pay an experience artist like Jessica Yee to create that work of art. Perhaps its a precious certificate to mark a baptism or a mirror with eloquent calligraphy to celebrate a 50th anniversary. How about a Chalk Board sitting chart and menu at a retirement dinner or wedding? Commissions are as unique as the remembrance or celebration at hand.

What makes a commissioned piece so special?

There are no two moments or two individuals alike. Commission pieces capture the intimacy and uniqueness of a moment. Recognize an individual with a citation or award.  Mark the birth of your grandchild with a decorated gilded birth certificate. Add something extra special to your wedding day with a Quaker style wedding scroll. Jessica Yee is well known for her ability to create calligraphy pieces true to the story being celebrated.

Why are commissions sought after for recognition and gifts?

Nothing shows more admiration, emotion, and dedication than  recognizing an individual with a commissioned piece.  Perhaps you are celebrating the birthday of your best friend or hosting a baby shower for your first grand child.  Maybe your son or daughter is graduating. A keepsake of recognition will add details of love to the occasion. Hand made calligraphy pieces often demonstrate to those receiving them that the giver holds the recipient in the highest regards. Jessica Yee understands the unique bonds individuals share and uses her beautiful work to represent that relationship.

Jessica Yee has over  20 years experience in the art of calligraphy. She is the former president of the Triangle Calligraphers Guild and  Ambassador  for the Apex Chamber of Commerce. A native of New York, Jessica now resides in  North Carolina providing her amazing calligraphy services to Raleigh and other areas of the Triangle. She has perfected and master various styles and lettering. Jessica Yee is exceptional and your commissioned piece is sure to beautiful and memorable.

Commission Ideas

There are so many creative ways to create a beautiful commission. Below are just some of the many types of commission. 

Chalk Board Menus

Chalk Board Sitting Charts

Chalk Board Messages

Mirror Menus

Mirror Sitting Chart

Tribute Mirrors

Quaker Wedding Scrolls

Gilded Birth Certificate

Glass Engraving

Baby Shower Decor

Birthday Tribute

Baptism Keepsake

Anniversary Keepsake

Promotion Award

Retirement Recognition

Graduation Recognition

In Remembrance

If you are interested in a possible commission from Jessica Yee, please click on the button below and fill out the contact form. Your commission is in good hands and Jessica will create a piece worthy of  recognition and remembrance.


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