Wedding Script To celebrate a special wedding anniversary in the Triangle, one Apex husband turned to The Oblique Pen calligraphy studio to craft a one-of-a-kind memory gift for his spouse. Not long after the couple married in 1984, Susan presented her new husband Jim with a framed poem about the love they have for each other. Since then, the poem had been displayed in their home as a joyful reminder of each other.

Jim took a copy of the poem to The Oblique Pen artist Jessica Yee and asked her to fashion the words into a unique commission piece that he could present to Susan on their 30th wedding anniversary in 2014. During the next month, Jessica created four designs, finally settling on an 11-by-14 inch art work that incorporated not only the words of the poem, but also the couple’s names and the date of their marriage.

A few details of the finished creation demonstrate the care and attention that The Oblique Pen devotes to every single project:

  • Frankfurt paper: This imported art paper made from cotton has distinct texture that provides beautiful shadows and depth to any work.
  • Sumi ink: A combination of soot and glue, Japanese sumi ink comes in solid form and must be hand-ground by the calligrapher and mixed with water to create a liquid. The permanent ink is used when artists want the richest visual effects.
  • Gold leaf: Real gold is added to calligraphy works to give some areas a gilded appearance. Requiring time and great skill to apply, gold leaf makes the project extraordinary.
  • Embossed letters: The word “love” was embossed on the paper in large letters. To achieve the effect, The Oblique Pen artist first had to hand-cut out each letter as a template for the embossing process, which raises the letters above the paper surface.

Jim said Susan was completely surprised and delighted to tears by the gift. The poem had always been part of their home, but now it has permanent preservation as a testament of their continuous commitment and love.

For similar lasting memories, contact The Oblique Pen in Cary, North Carolina to find out other ways calligraphy can enhance any project. Lastly, the post photo of the project does not show the true beauty and originality of the creative work done, but it does share all the wonderful aspects reflected above!


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Photo: The Oblique Pen