Ivory-EnvelopeA handwritten thank you note never goes out of style. The Oblique Pen is the Triangle area’s calligraphy resource for creating properly worded and designed thank you notes, whether for personal or business use. Clients turn to professional calligrapher Jessica Yee with their etiquette questions and rely on her writing skills to craft gracious thank you notes.

The occasions to send hand written thank you notes are nearly endless. Newlyweds send notes for wedding gifts; job-seekers send notes of appreciation following interviews, and houseguests send notes thanking their hosts after wonderful visit.

The notes follow a simple pattern and The Oblique Pen, based in Apex, North Carolina, can help clients with each of the following six steps:

  • Greeting: Two key elements in the beginning of the note are addressing the right person or persons and spelling all the names correctly. When the calligrapher crafts the notes, she will ensure this element is done properly.
  • Express thanks: Begin the note with “thank you” and specify the exact service, gift, hospitality or event that prompted the note.
  • Add details: After the first sentence, a thank you note adds a bit of detail about the gift or service. The writer mentions how the gift will be used or displayed or why it was such a suitable selection.
  • A little extra: A newly married couple can write of their pleasure at seeing the gift-giver at the wedding. A business owner can look forward to serving the client’s future needs.
  • Repeat: Just before the closing, the writer should thank the giver one more time.
  • Closing: “Sincerely” is a traditional closing for any message, but many other words and phrases add variety. The closing will depend on whether the recipient is a business associate, close friend, relative or casual acquaintance.


Once the wording is finalized, The Oblique Pen’s clients can choose from a wealth of special papers, envelopes and inks to give their messages a unique style. See the studio’s portfolio for examples of how professional calligraphy adds substantial impact to any project.


Now a simple thank you can be a “forever” memory!



This post about calligraphy services in the Triangle NC is brought to you by The Oblique Pen in Apex NC!

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