OP 06-08-15 photoCalligraphy does not have to be reserved for elegant events like weddings, anniversaries, retirements and graduations. A little planning and imagination, combined with the talents of The Oblique Pen, can turn any festive occasion into a moment to remember forever. Summer barbeques, family reunions, and Independence Day parties can all get the chic treatment from Cary, NC- based calligrapher Jessica Yee.

Stuck for ideas? Here are five great events that can receive extra style from The Oblique Pen:

  • Outdoor movie night: Erect a large screen (can be a sheet or tarp) outside and invite the family and friends over a backyard version of the drive-in. A children’s easel or chalkboard can serve as the marquee, giving the names and times of the movies. Hang a hand-lettered “refreshments” sign over the popcorn and soda area.
  • 4th of July: Independence Day is less than a month away so it’s time to get creative with calligraphy. Instead of a traditional white background for invitations, choose red or blue paper and have them lettered in white ink with red or blue accents.
  • Barbecue parties: A big gathering at a park or other outdoor venue is perfect for some rustic fun. Gather some wooden planks and let The Oblique Pen turn them into signage for directions, parking, and restrooms. Calligraphy includes chunky lettering styles perfect to convey a western vibe.
  • America’s pastime: Across the nation, fans are following their favorite baseball teams on TV, radio and the internet. Throw a baseball-themed party for the All Star Game and include a large chalkboard to act as a scoreboard showing the Major League Baseball Classic. Designate someone to act as the “scorekeeper” to update scores.
  • Family reunions: Summer is a popular time for family reunions. Have The Oblique Pen detail the branches of the family tree on a large poster, chalkboard or fabric background. To give every guest a memory to take home, have the same family tree reproduced in a smaller format as a keepsake.

Whatever the occasion, The Oblique Pen is always available to create the perfect message and craft treasured keepsakes. Contact calligrapher Jessica Yee today to get started on a summer party.


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