Gilded lettersEveryone across the Triangle enjoys hearing the words “I love you”. Of course it explains why Americans send about 150 million Valentine’s Day cards each and every year according to the Greeting Card Association.

Romeo and Juliet aside, all of us can turn Valentine’s Day 2015 into a unique and special memory by letting The Oblique Pen Calligraphy Studio personalize Valentine cards and gifts. Calligrapher Jessica Yee, in Cary NC, brings creativity to every project that comes to her Triangle-area studio.

Here are four ideas from The Oblique Pen that will make Valentine’s Day memorable for someone special:

  • “Bling” the gift in spectacular style: Whether the gift is a box of chocolates, jewelry, or something personal, The Oblique Pen can burnish that present by adding a personalized message on the box itself or creating a custom gift card. Add pop by using real gold leaf in the design.
  • Create heartfelt expressions for that special moment: Poems and love letters have been exchanged on Valentine’s Day for more than 600 years. In the United Kingdom, a poem written by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife in 1415, is on display in the British Museum and is considered the oldest known English-language Valentine. The Oblique Pen carries a wide array of special papers and colorful inks that can turn any poem or printed word expression of affection into a lasting keepsake.
  • Engrave a vase or candy dish for home and office: Flowers and candy are traditional and well-loved gifts on Valentine’s Day. Why not increase their impact by bringing them in personalized containers? The Oblique Pen can customize almost any glass object with both words and images.
  • Make the memory last forever through custom envelopes and cards: Imagine receiving a card in the mail that obviously has been hand-addressed in an elegant script. An envelope carrying that stunning handwriting always makes a great first impression. Planning a romantic outing for Saturday, February 14? Ask The Oblique Pen to craft a one-of-a-kind invitation to include with the Valentine card. After the date, that invitation becomes a memento to be treasured for years to come.

Whether its flowers, candy, a romantic date, a love poem, or simply a Valentine’s Day card; The Oblique Pen is the Triangle’s love headquarters for creating custom Valentine messages. Call the studio today to get started on celebrating Valentine’s Day in style.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


This post about calligraphy services in the Triangle NC is brought to you by The Oblique Pen in Apex NC!

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Photo: The Oblique Pen, Cary NC