How to Use Calligraphy

calligraphy on invitationsinvitations using calligraphyWedding calligraphy will give your wedding paper an elegant look.  From traditional to the whimsical it can be used in many ways throughout your wedding.   While traditionally calligraphy was reserved for the invitation envelopes, there are many ways to incorporate calligraphy into your wedding.

From beginning to the end you can use calligraphy to brand your wedding and set your style.  From the save the dates and invitations to the favors and escort tags on your wedding day calligraphy can help make your wedding memorable.  With the varied and many styles, hand lettered calligraphy lets you achieve the bespoke event that you will treasure for years and that your guests will talk about for just as long.

Ways to Save and Impress

wedding seating assignmencalligraphy envelopesUsing calligraphy for your wedding doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many ways to incorporate to fit your budget.  Spot calligraphy is the cherry on top for your save the dates and invitations.  Your guests will feel special as they pick up their escort cards with beautiful modern style calligraphy of their names to direct them to the table where they are greeted with elegant table numbers and a menu card with delicious and sumptuous calligraphy to compliment the appetizing meal to come.  Whether you choose a favor or a charity donation, calligraphy can help you say thank you to your guest for being a part of your special day.

Wedding Calligraphy Ideas

unique wedding calligraphywedding calligraphyA good calligrapher will have much experience if you are looking for out of the box ideas to help you incorporate lettering into your wedding.  For example, looking for a less traditional wedding guest book?  There are many choices from a guest thumb tree that can be hung in your home proudly to a Quaker marriage certificate where everyone signs in witness to your special day.

Want to incorporate a more rustic décor?  What about signs on reclaimed wood directing guest to the ceremony space, the cocktail hour and the reception? Want more bling?  How about mirrors with a seating chart, program or menu?  Serving a signature cocktail or buffet?  What about using small slate tiles with colored chalk that matches your theme?

A wedding calligrapher can assist you in creating custom invitations. These bespoke invitations help set the theme and tone of your wedding.  You can use a custom return address that can be letter pressed or created into stamps that can be used on your wedding invitations and beyond.  Getting married in a picturesque setting?  What about a hand lettered map to direct your guests?  Planning a wedding weekend?  Set apart the agenda using calligraphy.

Hiring a wedding calligrapher with years of experience and varied styles can help with reducing stress during your wedding planning.  The wedding calligrapher is well educated and versed in the major wedding addressing etiquette that can sometimes be tricky.  They take on the tedious task of hand addressing your invitation envelopes, leaving you to focus your attention on other details of your wedding.  In short, wedding calligraphy  can be what sets your wedding apart from all the others.


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