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The Calligrapher, Jessica Yee

Congratulations on your special event! I am Calligrapher, Jessica Yee. I have been studying and practicing calligraphy for the past twenty years. I got my start with broad edge style scripts such as Carolingian, Uncial and Batarde. But a few years back,  I began studying pointed pen. I fell in love with the fluid script styles. They reminded me of my beautiful grandmother’s elegant handwriting.

I started my journey studying Copperplate style scripts and then Spencerian scripts and moved on to the many variations. I love the elegant, smooth and fluid scripts that a pointed pen can create. To me I find beauty in letters and how they are created. My love of letters is your gain. Every envelope, menu, invitation, table card, escort cards, and design is an artistic expression of your wonderful occasion and my calligraphic script turning them into works of art just for you.

Calligraphy helps to make your event unique and remembered.  If you are looking for ideas to help make your event unforgettable, contact me today at 919-650-3135.